Azerbaijani UAV attacks Armenian Armed Forces in Karabakh. August 3, 2022

Azerbaijani UAV attacks Armenian Armed Forces in Karabakh. August 3, 2022

Baku/04.08.22/Turan: The counter-terrorist military operation "Retaliation" that ended on August 3 and as a result of which the Azerbaijani army  occupied the heights above the Lachin corridor, is being discussed by experts. In Azerbaijan, Russia is blamed for the escalation.

Political commentator Natig Jafarli writes on a social network that the reason for the escalation was the unwillingness of the Armenian separatists to transfer car traffic from the old Lachin road from Khankendi to Yerevan to the new one built by Azerbaijan for the liberation of Lachin. "However, Armenia (actually Moscow) says that there are three more years until 2025, why hurry?", - comments Jafarli.

Political analyst Rashid Hajili considers "retribution" operation to be a warning. "If the Armenians delay the withdrawal of their armed forces from Karabakh and place terrorists in Karabakh under various pretexts, and look for an excuse to stay in Lachin, this will have a serious impact on subsequent processes. Armenian terrorists will not leave our territory easily. Those who shot at Azerbaijani soldiers should be destroyed," R. Hajili believes.

Political scientist Elkhan Shahinoglu singled out a proposal from the statement of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry on the mandatory and full withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories, believing these words to be a hint at future military actions. "The main thing is that Russia does not interfere. After the precise strikes of the Azerbaijani army, the Russian side will again try to organize a meeting in Moscow of the conflicting parties. Putting pressure on Baku, the Kremlin will try to avoid new clashes in the zone of Russian control in Karabakh. Just as it was in the second Karabakh war, it is necessary to neutralize this pressure with the activity of Turkish diplomacy. In a few days, the Presidents of Russia and Turkey will meet in Sochi. It is necessary to explain to the Kremlin that if the Russian Federation interferes with the restoration of order in Karabakh, it will negatively affect the relations between the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan and Turkey. Against the background of the war in Ukraine, this is unprofitable for the Kremlin, and this logic must be constantly reminded," the political scientist believes.

“Azerbaijan is slowly but surely moving towards full restoration of control in Karabakh, including the Lachin corridor. Armenia's attempts to appeal to Russia, the European Union and the United States after the defeat in the Second Karabakh War have completely failed. In the context of the current confrontation between the "collective West" and Russia around Ukraine, the importance of the South Caucasus is rising, and that is why today all these former allies of Armenia are so strongly interested in the loyalty of Azerbaijan and Turkey.”, - political scientist Ramiz Yunus, who lives in the USA, posted his opinion on Facebook.

Interesting views are contained in the blog of an Armenian author from Khankendi, published in the "Caucasian Knot". He writes: A part of the Karabakh people have settled in Armenia forever after the war, they will not return anymore, so it's useless to lure them. They do not want to live under the muzzles of Azerbaijanis, they have already seen their defenselessness. We, the remaining residents of Artsakh, will also be squeezed out of our homeland in every possible way.

How this will happen can be seen in the example of Kosovo. In two years, all our Armenian documents will become invalid: passport, driver's license and everything else. Everyone will be faced with a choice either you change documents into Azerbaijani, or you have no right to anything....

This is the worst-case scenario for us, yes, there is still a Russian factor in the region, and by introducing peacekeeping forces, the Kremlin made it clear that Stepanakert would not give up so easily. Putin has enough worries without us, but he understands that if he loses Karabakh, he can be left without the whole Caucasus.

Our authorities have reported that everything is fine now and everything is under control. If we soberly assess the forces, nothing is in order, all the heights are occupied by Azerbaijani military forces armed with the latest weapons, and we only have small arms... What will happen when Russia will no longer be able to restrain Azerbaijan? The road was built by the Azerbaijanis, explosives may be hidden under it, which will work at the right time for them and cut off our escape route.

Why am I telling you all this? In order for our people to know that nothing good awaits them, and if the Armenian people continue to sleep and wait for someone to protect us, then very soon there will not be a single Armenian left in Artsakh. This is reality," a blogger from Khankendi warned the Armenians.--

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