Azercell joins next charity campaign in the fight against COVID-19

“Azercell Telecom” LLC has joined the next charity event to care and support people in need during the special lockdown amid COVID-19. The event arranged by BEAT Group in partnership with Azercell allows Azercell subscribers to help with the preparation and delivery of various dishes for low-income families during the quarantine.

Azercell subscribers participating in the charity event will help citizens with financial difficulties amid coronavirus outbreak by donating AZN 1, AZN 5 or AZN 9 from their number’s balance. Thus, the collected amount will be used for food to prepare various dishes that will be delivered to low-income families by volunteers.

To join the charity, just text the amount donated (1, 5 or 9) to the short number 5595. You can also support the initiative by filling out the form on the website In the “Report” section of the website, Azercell subscribers can see the last 3 digits of the number and the amount donated in the list of donors, monitor the use of donations, and view photo and video reports as well.

The leading operator in the local mobile market, Azercell Telecom has been actively supporting the steps taken by the Azerbaijani government to combat the coronavirus from the first day. The mobile operator allocated 2 million manats to the “Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus”, established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated March 19, 2020, to contribute to the measures to prevent the spread of the disease in the country.

Azercell is the first mobile operator, to provide calls to the Hotline (1542) of the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance free of charge for all Azercell subscribers during the pandemic. The company also uploaded the amount of 50 AZN to the balance of active roaming subscribers who are currently in the countries with limited transport conditions with Azerbaijan to provide them with uninterrupted communication with their families and relatives.

Azercell subscribers gained an opportunity to donate to the “Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus” via Mobile Payment. The mobile operator started providing its subscribers aged above 65 an opportunity to benefit from Azercell’s Mobile Customer Services without leaving home for free.

Moreover, Azercell in cooperation with “Regional Development” Public Union (RDPU), presented product baskets to 5728 low-income families in Baku, aiming to improve their social welfare, as well as support the state's social isolation measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

Azercell also provided communication support to healthcare staff who selflessly fulfill their duties by risking their lives in the fight against coronavirus in various hospitals and quarantine centers. Thus, Azercell making no distinction between its subscribers and the subscribers of the other two operators, uploaded AZN 50 to the balance of over 600 medical workers currently at service.

In its social video released on media channels, Azercell called on fellow citizens to show solidarity, stay strong, appreciate and take care of relatives and friends and not to leave their homes. During these challenging and vulnerable days the world-famous foreign language learning app Busuu, which allows learning 12 foreign languages at the same time, has been made available to Azercell subscribers with a 50% discount on a monthly subscription from March 24 to April 30. Besides, by joining the monthly package Zvuk, Azercell subscribers have unlimited access to the service at no additional charge for the mobile Internet.

During the lockdown in the country aiming to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Azercell will continue its social responsibility initiatives to support its subscribers and the country’s citizens, holding various social campaigns for them.®


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