Campaign to protect Hasan Huseynli

A group of human rights activists and youth activists initiated a campaign to protect the head of the "Center of Education: Perfect Citizen" Huseynli Hasan, sentenced to 6 years' imprisonment on charges of hooliganism. The campaign sent a mass appeal to the European Youth Forum,  which declared  Ganja a capital of the European Youth in 2016, Turan was told by  a human rights activist, Rasul Jafarov. The messages contain a request to protest the arrest and demand from the Azerbaijani authorities to release  Huseynli.

The appeal indicated on the contribution of Huseynli  in the evolution of civil society in the Western region of Azerbaijan, and his arrest on trumped-up charges. The resident of the European Youth Forum, Peter Matzhasich, has already reacted the appeal. He said that the issue was on the agenda of the Board of the forum, to be held in the near future.

In late August mission  of the Youth Forum for training activities in connection with the announcement of the capital city of the European Youth 2016  will arrive in Ganja.

The campaign hopes that mission will deliver to the authorities the issue  on release  of Huseynli.-06D-

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