Climbers from Nanga Parbat are taken to Islamabad

At about 17:00 Baku time, military transport aircraft of Pakistan Air Force delivered from Gilgit to Islamabad about 40 climbers from where they will be sent to their homes in 10 countries.

Climbers have been evacuated from the foot of the mountain Nanga Parbat, where  on June 22  they were attack, and 10 people died. Three representatives of Azerbaijan participating  in the ascent, were not wounded.
According to the team leader of Azerbaijan, Ashurly Israfil, the militarists did not  allow to pick up most of the climbers equipment from the base camp, which can then be transported by porters.
He also noted that  at the Islamabad airport climbers  were met  by the employees of  Azerbaijani embassy, and escorted to the hotel.
Besides Israfil Ashurly, in climbing  on Nanga Parbat participated Rufat Gojayev and Ismail Askerov. -02В- 

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