Construction of restaurant near "Icheri Sheher" wall is authorized by authorities.

Construction of restaurant near "Icheri Sheher" wall is authorized by authorities.

Since June (2024), wooden structures of a restaurant have been erected adjacent to the wall of Baku's Icheri Sheher Historical and Architectural Reserve, in a narrow gap between the wall below the Gosha Gala gate and the busy motorway.  With the completion of construction, the new restaurant will block the exterior view of the historic landmark, just as the Fortress wall on the inside, above Gosha Gala, is not visible. A number of restaurants were built there several years ago, despite public protests.

Architect Elchin Aliyev and economist Galib Rasulov expressed their dissatisfaction with the construction of the restaurant, which will block the view and access to the historic Wall.  In the publication (FB), E.Aliyev explained the construction of the restaurant near the Icheri Sheher architectural and historical complex by the desire of officials to fill the state budget, and H.Rasulov considered the construction as a continuation of the long-term destruction of Icheri Sheher. "Before it was possible to approach the wall, touch the ancient stones, touch history.  And now the attractive 'Fortress' for tourists is being rejuvenated. It's a pity"..., Rasulov complained.

In response to Turan's question, the Sabail district executive authority said that the construction of the restaurant directly next to the historical site was authorized by the local authorities. "There can be no unauthorized construction in the district, as our employees regularly inspect the territory," explained an employee of the executive power of Sabail district of Baku.

Two years ago, after the owner of a private house in the Icheri Sheher territory violated the historical appearance of the Reserve by building a room on the roof, under the influence of the public, the Reserve forced the owner to change his intention, preserving the former appearance of the territory.

This time there is no previous public outcry, and the Sabail district leadership does not consider it obligatory to take care of the preservation of the historical appearance of "Icheri Sheher" - a protected territory of the 12th century in the center of Baku.

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