Father of Political Emigrant Allowed to Meet with His Son after Appealing to ICRC (UPDATED)

On 28 February the Baku Appeals Court rejected the complaint of Elgiz Sadigli for his arrest, leaving him under arrest, reported his father Alovsat Sadygly.

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2018 February 28 (Wednesday) 12:42:49

Father of Political Emigrant Allowed to Meet with His Son after Appealing to ICRC

Baku / 28.02.18 / Turan: Alovsat Sadygly managed to meet with his son Elghiz, who was arrested on February 23, only after 4 days.

A short-term meeting was held on February 27 in the Binagadi detention center, where they are detained in administrative order.

Elghiz Sadygly is the brother of the activist Tural Sadygly, who lives in Germany. He was detained on February 23, and the next day his family learned that he was arrested for 30 days.

"For four days I could not meet my son. He was kept in the Sabunchu District Police Department. Only after I applied to the International Committee of the Red Cross, Elghiz was transferred to the Binagadi detention center and on February 27 I was able to see him," the father said. According to him, the meeting lasted only 4-5 minutes.

It turned out that E. Sadygly was arrested for 30 days on charges of not submitting to the police and in connection with allegedly detected drugs.

A. Sadygly also pointed to the delay in the consideration of the appeal. It was due to be considered on February 27. But the decision was not issued from the Sabunchu court and the consideration is scheduled for February 28.

According to him, his son's health is not good. The father noted that there are some points about which he will state after consideration of the appeal.

Earlier A. Sadygly himself was detained on February 18 and was released the next day. In the police, he was accused of his son's activities abroad.

Earlier, Elghiz Sadygly had already been sentenced to a suspended sentence on charges of illicit drug trafficking. His family said that Elghiz Sadygly was being persecuted because of his brother, Tural Sadygly's political activities abroad, given that he actively criticizes the government of Azerbaijan. -06D--

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