Human Rights Activists Ask to Release Convicted Person for His Mother’s Funeral

The head of the Center for Monitoring Political Prisoners Elshan Hasanov appealed to the Prison Service to provide short-term vacation to the Said Dadashbeyli convicted to 14  years in prison to attend the funeral of his mother.

"Said Dadashbeyli’s mother was seriously ill for long, but he was not allowed to say farewell to her. Yesterday Gatiba Aliyeva died. He is also not released to attend the funeral. We ask for 1-2 days to release Said so he could take part in the funeral, to visit his mother's grave.

While serving his sentence Said made no violations, on the other hand there is the promotion and the penal code provides for short-term holiday for the convicted for family reasons," Hasanov said.

Dadashbeyli was arrested along with a group of persons in the case of the so-called "coup" in 2007.  MNS accused the group of young people of the work for the intelligence services of Iran. The court sentenced them to long prison terms. Those convicted in the case are considered political prisoners. -06D-

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