Illegally displaced persons: Prime Minister,  accept us!

Baku / 05.06.18 / Turan: More than 200 IDPs working in budget organizations gathered today, on June 5, in front of the building of the Cabinet due to non-payment of their salaries.

"We were deceived. For a year and a half, we have not been given our salary. Several times the Cabinet promised us that our salaries will be we issued. They also promised to provide job. However, they did not keep their promise and deceived us," said the participant of the action named Esmer.

Participants noted that they received a payment in the form of an average monthly salary for the loss of their jobs that they had before they became internally displaced. However, since last year these payments have been frozen.

"This allowance is our only income. For 25 years we have been told that we will return to our lands, the problem will be solved, they calm us down, and now they even deprived us of this scanty sum, explaining this by the fact that after 25 years, the status time has expired," the action participants say. The action participants say that the officials who have not any relation to their case accept them. They are sent to structures that do not have powers, so the problem is not solved.

The action of forced migrants lasted for two hours. They chanted "Prime Minister, accept us." However, none of the officials accepted them. The attempts to receive any comment in the Cabinet and the State Committee for Affairs with Forced Migrants and Refugees were futile.

The police did not give the opportunity to shoot the action. A young activist Fatima Movlamly, who was still filming what was happening, was detained. She informed Turan, she was taken to the 9th branch of the Sabail police. "I just took pictures, but the policemen came up and said that shooting was illegal. I was taken to the police station, and the police deleted all shooting on the camera and phone," Movlamli said. Only after that, she was released from the department.--0--

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