Interior Ministry intends to fight religious radicalism

The meeting  held in the Interior Ministry on the results of six months focused on the  fight against crime and maintaining public order. In his speech, First Deputy Interior Minister Vilayat Eivazov said that in the first half  of the year  were recorded 12,231 crimes. Without specifying the exact name, he said that in the 24 cities and regions of the country the crime rate decreased. The crime rate was 80%.

 Thus, 4461 people  were brought to justice, and 1037 people were  charged with serious crime; 1125 people have been detained for evading court;   there were 1743 cases for  ​​drug trafficking and crimes. Total of

27 criminal groups of 90 people were detained; 373 kilograms of drugs were revealed;

 619,148 protocols administrative violations  on which 573,696 people were fined were drawn up.

Deputy Minister stressed  the implementation of measures to combat religious radicalism. Without giving specific numbers and  without  noting  the reasons of this phenomenon, without  analysis, he stressed the determination of the authorities to combat radicalism in order to preserve public order.-05D-

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