Shahla Guliyeva

Shahla Guliyeva

The test system for hiring teachers and selecting among them for the position of directors does not justify itself. So, in November 2023, the Principal of the Guba-Khachmaz regional Department of Education, Rufat Hajiyev, beat a 9th grade student. In January 2022, the Principal of the 9th Baku school, Zinyat Ahmedova, hit two students in the hall. In February of the same year, the Principal of Jalilabad Secondary School No. 7, Saida Shukurova, beat the students with a pointer.

Starting today, law enforcement agencies are investigating the complaint of Shahla Guliyeva, a teacher of the second secondary school in Garayeri village, Samukh region, who accused the Principal of beating in front of the entire class.

Sh.Guliyeva appealed to the police with the allegation that during a lesson in the elementary class, the Principal of the school Shahin Mammadov burst in, hit her on the head with a black book. He cursed and grabbed a woman ten years older than him by the collar.  He explained his anger by Guliyeva's failure to comply with his order to urgently provide him with a photo and an identity card through the network.

Director Sh.Mammadov denies the teacher's accusation, claims that he is a combatant, did not raise his hand against a female teacher. According to him, Guliyeva had not followed his instructions before.

A commission to investigate the incident has been established in the Dashkesan Regional Department of Education. The commission investigated and published the result, according to which there was no violence on the part of the Principal.

It is a strange work of the commission, if you know that a video has been published in the press in which two young students confirm the beating of Guliyeva by Mammadov.  The children were in the classroom and observed the ugly behavior of the Principal, who hit and knocked down the teacher in front of 24 students.

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