Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/16.05.22/Turan: The events during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, and the decisions made after that, were received by the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Azerbaijan (OTV) with regret.

The ITV stated that the Azerbaijani jury sent the organizers of the competition the names of the countries for which they voted. According to the list, Ukraine received 12 points. However, the organizers of the contest, after its completion, called on the ITV representatives to announce other results without explaining the reasons.

“We flatly rejected this request. An official letter was immediately sent to the organizers, in which it was stated that the voices of our jury would be broadcast live, and not the results received from them. Only after that we were informed that after the semi-final on Thursday there were some "oddities" in the votes of six countries, including Azerbaijan. It should be noted that we were not informed of this 'weirdness' from Thursday until the end of the final on Saturday, and no 'evidence' has yet been provided," the statement said.

Despite the fact that the representative of ITV was ready to announce the results of the jury voting in Azerbaijan during the broadcast, the organizers of the competition did not connect Baku, announcing their results on behalf of ITV, and the lack of communication with Baku was due to technical problems.

“However, we had no technical issues with the live announcement of the votes. We emphasize once again that we did not give the organizers any right to announce the vote on behalf of the Public Television.

We are waiting for an official answer to this question and plan to take further steps depending on this,” the ITV statement said.

The European Broadcasting Union announced "votes at the international song contest "Eurovision-2022" for six countries.

“In the analysis of the jury voting by the pan-European voting partner of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) after the second dress rehearsal of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, certain incorrect voting patterns were identified in the results of six countries,” the Eurovision website said in a statement.

For this reason, representatives of six countries were removed from the jury list from the Eurovision website - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Poland, Montenegro and San Marino.—06B-

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