Mass Poisoning Incident at Sumgayit Factory Sparks Investigation

Mass Poisoning Incident at Sumgayit Factory Sparks Investigation

A mass poisoning incident occurred on July 10 at a factory in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan, resulting in 53 workers falling ill. The incident has prompted a criminal investigation as authorities scramble to determine the cause of the outbreak.

The Sumgayit Medical Center's City Hospital No. 1 reported that they began receiving affected individuals around 17:10 local time. A total of 10 people initially sought medical assistance for symptoms consistent with food poisoning. "Necessary medical services were provided, and all individuals were subsequently discharged for outpatient treatment," a spokesperson for the hospital informed Turan News Agency.

The Sumgayit City Prosecutor's Office has launched a criminal case regarding the mass poisoning incident. According to preliminary investigations, 53 employees were identified as having been poisoned by food consumed during lunchtime in the factory's canteen. The prosecutor's office is working in conjunction with the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency to conduct thorough examinations.

"Samples of food from the canteen have been collected and are currently undergoing appropriate examinations. Other necessary procedural actions are also being carried out to ascertain the cause of the poisoning," the prosecutor's office stated.

The investigation is being conducted under Article 314.1 (negligence) of the Criminal Code, reflecting the seriousness of the incident and the potential lapses in safety protocols. This article pertains to negligence that results in significant harm or poses a serious risk to public health and safety.

This incident has raised significant concerns about food safety standards and oversight within industrial canteens in the region. The outcome of the investigation will likely lead to a reevaluation of current practices and implementation of stricter regulations to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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