Nakhchivan Businessman Not Passed through Customs

The customs and border guards at the checkpoint Sadarak in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic do not pass the Nakhchivan businessman Mohammed Gurbanov to Turkey.

Gurbanov told the regional correspondent of Turan IA that on 15 September he was trying to cross the border on foot, but he was not allowed.

Customs and border guards insulted him and provoked a conflict. Gurbanov said there is no reason for a ban on his leaving the country, as the term of his probation expired.

Recall that in December 2012 Gurbanov and his son-in-law Nadir Mammadov were beaten by customs officials in the same checkpoint Sadarak. However, they were accused of using force against the representatives of the authorities and sentenced. Subsequently, the prison sentences were replaced by probation.

We did not manage to get comments from representatives of the customs and border guards of NAR. -06D--

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