Məğrur Bədəlsoy

Məğrur Bədəlsoy

Baku/05.10.22/Turan: Magrur Badally (Badalsoy), a military invalid of the first group of the first Karabakh war, in a letter sent to Turan, informed about his illegal detention by the police.

On September 3, 2022, in a street in Baku, in the presence of Magrur’s grandchildren, he was forcibly put into a car and taken to the 24th police station of the Nizami district of Baku. Badally claims in his letter that up tp ten policemen took part in the operation.

At the police station, he was beaten with his hands cuffed from behind, and illegally, as the veteran writes, spent two days in custody. He came out with nine broken ribs. The police explained his detention and beating by publications in the press. His home was searched without a court order.

Magrour Badally calls himself an independent journalist and considers the actions of the police illegal.

“Imagine if the police wouldn’t even let you take your asthma medicine. I was taken to the x-ray with my hands cuffed, the police did not allow me to be hospitalized. In this state, I was returned to the cell. They released me two days later and still haven't returned my money, documents and computer. Based on my appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Prosecutor's Office of the Nizami district of Baku, an investigation has been launched, but no procedural actions are being carried out,” Badally writes.

Turan received a response to the inquiry from the Interior Ministry, which refers to the lawful actions of the police to detain Badally, who is accused of forging and selling government documents, stamps and seals. A criminal case has been initiated against him under Article 320.1, and the allegations of beating are unfounded and made to avoid punishment, the press service of the interior Ministry said in the response.

However, Badally claims to have been beaten up for his old legal conflict over his lawsuit against the state enforcement service. According to Badally, he has a court decision on the allocation of non-residential premises to him by the state for commercial use, as a war veteran. But the decision is not executed because the state service for execution of judgments alleges that Badally falsified the court's resolution. The original court decision has been lost, the author of the letter told Turan.

He submitted this story for public discussion on the social network, accusing law enforcement officers of failing to comply with the law. I have been unlawfully punished by the police for posting the incident on the social network,” the victim said in a telephone conversation.

Turan has copies of documents, including M. Badally's complaints to the prosecutor's office, the Ombudsman, the State Security Service, answers from these structures, as well as an x-ray of the victim's chest bones.-0-

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