Press Review 16/10/14

Official newspapers write about Ilham Aliyev meeting with the Foreign Minister of Palestine and the OSCE Minsk Group, and his visit to the construction site of the Olympic Stadium.



The authorities do not withstand international pressure demanding the release of political prisoners and prisoners are forced to write a petition for clemency.

Der Spiegel wrote about repression in Azerbaijan. Instead of having to draw conclusions from the critics, Baku attacked the European Parliament.

Experts pointing to the decline in revenue from oil, regard it as the beginning of the post-oil era in Azerbaijan.

In this case, there exists a deficit of the Oil Fund which will be $ 3 billion.


Echo notes that Bakuvians due to traffic jams lose 80 manat a month in the form of time and money. Those who go to work in their cars lose even more.


Bizim Yol notes that the fall of the world prices of oil by 4 dollars per day was "a shock to the oil-producing countries."


Yeni Musavat reproaches the National Council of a large number of EU flags at the rally on October 12. -0

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