Prosecutor's Office "Finds" Perpetrators of Attempted Suicide of Feminist

Baku / 11.03.20 / Turan: According to the main version of the investigation, Aysel Alekperzadeh became a victim of illegal actions by individual members of the feminist movement, the head of the Prosecutor General’s Office press service Eldar Sultanov said on March 10, commenting on the attempted suicide of one of the march participants on March 8.

According to Sultanov, the investigation finds out on whose initiative a provocative slogan was raised by Alekperzadeh during the rally. Strict measures will be taken against persons who have committed unlawful acts. In particular, the organizers, active participants in the rally, as well as Rabia Mammadova, Narmin Shahmarzadeh, Khadija Ismail and others will testify, as they threatened Sultanova.

In turn, the Feminist Movement of Azerbaijan issued a statement, noting that Alekperzadeh was not part of the organizers of the action, and participated in it using her right to freedom of expression.

“Given that pro-government media out of the many slogans of feminists deliberately replicates only one, we believe that the government is campaigning against us. We announced in advance about the goals of the march and condemn all attempts to divert public attention from the main goals of the march,” the FMA said.

The journalist Khadija Ismayilova stated that the prosecutor’s claims against her were not substantiated.

“It turns out they’re going to interrogate me about a suicide attempt by a girl I’m not familiar with, after an action I was not the organizer of. Article 125 was already fabricated against me (bringing to suicide), but nothing came of it and in addition the other day the ECtHR imposed a fine against the government of Azerbaijan.

 If they call me, I’ll say that I suspect Mirshahin of the suicide (Mirshahin Agayev, the head of the Real TV channel), as he persecuted the girl, showing her poster and saying all kinds of things about her,” Ismayilova wrote on Facebook.

Alekperzadeh herself in an interview with Alternative TV in the hospital said that the reason for the attempted suicide were some journalists.

According to the girl, she was unreasonably accused of disseminating negative information about the spouse of one of them, as well as of transferring certain audiotapes to certain opposition members abroad.

The girl said that her act was not related to the rally on March 8 and Khadija Ismayilova, Rabia Mammadova and Narmin Shahmarzadeh mentioned by the prosecutor’s office were not involved in this. As for the scandalous poster, she wrote it herself. / ------06D-


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