Public Alliance is created to protect homosexuals

The Alliance to protect the rights of gays in Azerbaijan under the name "Nefes" has been created. According to the press release of this public organization, it is designed to protect the rights and freedoms of gays, to eliminate homophobia, and provide gays with psychological and medical support.

In this direction, the Alliance intends to work with local and international human rights organizations. The report notes that the legislation of Azerbaijan protects homosexuals from harassment. However, current law does not work, and homosexuals are discriminated against and cannot appeal to law enforcement agencies to protect their rights, because of threats and violence.

People with different sexual orientations are experiencing psychological stress, they are humiliated and persecuted in their families and at work, which often leads to suicide. According to research, 25% of gay teenagers try to commit suicide. As a way out of the situation, the Alliance proposes to improve legislation.

The report does not say exactly who is a member of this organization and where it will be located. However, there is an e-mail, and the page on facebook, twitter and the internet - 


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