State Border Service reveals 391  wanted

In February of this year, border guards detained 34 people who violated  the border of Azerbaijan. Of these, 11  are Azerbaijanis, 9 – Iranian,  4 - Republic of Ghana, and the rest of Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Bangladesh, Philippines. The information of the SBS  for the  press said that for the violation of the border regime rules  four  people were detained  on the Green Line, and 25 in the Caspian Sea.  The border guards also detained 391 people declared wanted by passing them to the authorities. The attempts to smuggle across the border 7.5 kg of drugs and smuggled goods worth 376 thousand mantas were also prevented. Among them, the gun brand TOZ-8, 25 kg of gunpowder, aircraft "Drond" brand, 15636 packs of cigarettes, 30,920 Azerbaijani manats, 569,000 Russian rubles, 30 head of cattle, 6 horses, a variety of drugs, alcohol, food and industrial goods. -0-

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