Taле Багирзаде

Taле Багирзаде

Baku / 07.08.17 / Turan: "Glory be to Allah, everything is fine, you should not worry," Tale Bagirzade, the leader of the movement "Muslim Unity", told his wife on the phone on August 7 in response to concerns of relatives about widespread rumors that he is tortured in the Gobustan prison.

"Yesterday, one of the official representatives of the Penitentiary Service Oktay Mammadov received us. We were promised that today they will give a meeting with Taleh. He is concerned about the spread of false information that he is being tortured," said Leila Ismailzade, Taleh"s wife.

However, the spouses were not given a meeting. "He himself did not want this meeting. The other day he will be transferred to the cell. He will tell us, and we will get the necessary things and then go on a date," added the spouse.

Taleh Bagirzade was not able to meet with his lawyer Yalchin Imanov. He also contacted the Penitentiary Service, but the procedures necessary for the meeting have still not been fulfilled.

"They told me that they sent a response to my appeal, but they did not receive it in Gobustan prison. This means that I cannotmeet him yet," said the lawyer.

Imanov said that he does not have information about torture against Taleh Bagirzade. Although keeping a prisoner in a punishment cell in such a heat is, in and of itself, torture. Chairman of the "Muslim Unity" Movement Taleh Bagirzade, after being sent to the Gobustan prison, was tortured at the end of last week, said the theologian"s relatives. -0--

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