Baku/12.12.23/Turan: The Interior Ministry confirmed the detention of the head of the «Kanal-11 youtube channel» Teymur Kerimov.

Note that he was detained on December 11 by the police on the basis of complaints received from several citizens. A criminal case has been opened against him under Article 182 of the Criminal Code (extortion by threats).

Investigative actions are currently underway, said Ibrahim Amiraslanly, an employee of the press service of the Interior Ministry. –06B-

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The head of Kanal-11 Teymur Kerimov has disappeared

Baku/11.12.23/Turan: Relatives and colleagues of the head of the Kanal-11 YouTube channel Teymur Kerimov reported his disappearance. Since noon on December 11, he has stopped communicating, calls to his mobile phone are not being received, and the location of the reporter is unknown.
Relatives and colleagues believe that Kerimov was detained by the police.

In a statement issued late in the evening of December 11, the Kanal-11 team notes that after Kerimov prepared a critical video report about the head of the Dashkesan region, Ahad Abiyev, in July of this year, he began to be persecuted.
Kerimov was repeatedly called to the police under various pretexts; he received calls demanding not to disseminate the videos he had filmed.
Kerimov was also subjected to pressure and threats in connection with a video report about the use of force by police against veterans of the Karabakh war and their protest action.
The authors of the statement believe that Kerimov is “another victim of the repressive machine launched on the eve of the early presidential elections.”
They recall that over the past three weeks there have been 6 media representatives in Azerbaijan, including 4 employees of Abzas Media and Kanal-13 Internet television.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs could not be reached for comment.
Let us note that over the past seven years, Kerimov has been repeatedly subjected to detention and physical pressure in connection with his journalistic activities. —03/21B06-

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