Tural Sadıqlı

Tural Sadıqlı

Baku/01.06.22/Turan: On Wednesday, the parents of political emigrant and blogger Tural Sadigly tried to hold a protest in front of the presidential administration building. They argued that the life of a blogger who sharply criticizes the Azerbaijani authorities was in danger. His father Alovsat Sadigly said that the authorities sent killers to Europe.

“Tural tells the truth, a person must be listened to, not killed. Three lawsuits were unreasonably initiated against him, he was put on the international wanted list, and now they decided to kill him. I came here to express my indignation and protest,” said the blogger’s father.

The police officers who arrived at the scene put the parents in a car and took them to the reception department of the presidential administration in the Narimanov district of Baku.

It should be noted that Tural Sadigly is one of the ardent critics of the Azerbaijani government, he has been living in Germany for several years, where he received political asylum.

Last year, another critic of official Baku, blogger Mohammed Mirzali, was assassinated in the French city of Nantes. Three citizens of Azerbaijan were convicted for this crime, whose names the French court did not disclose.-0-

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