Elvin Cəfərov

Elvin Cəfərov

Baku/12.07.22/Turan: Elvin Jafarov, a veteran of the Second Karabakh war who tried to commit self-immolation in front of the Sabirabad region executive power, died.

Jafarov's relatives reported that Elvin died in the Republican burn center.

Yesterday, July 11, a doctor told Turan that Jafarov had burned 70 percent of his body.

His relatives, however, noted that Jafarov finally decided to commit suicide after he failed to obtain attention and justice from the state.

On July 11, head of public relations and communications department under the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Fazil Talybov reported that Elvin Jafarov, a resident of Galagay village of Sabirabad region, disabled veteran of the Great Patriotic War of the 3rd degree, born in 1987, was provided with social support from the state. "By the relevant decision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Elvin Jafarov veteran back in November 2021 was assigned a disability of the 3rd degree. In this regard, he was assigned a monthly presidential stipend (300 manats) and a monthly allowance (120 manats)."

The Ministry noted that Elvin Jafarov and his family members were also provided with employment support. "He was provided with a job (300 manats a month) from May 27, 2021 by the Friends Employment Center. Jafarov's mother Rugiya Musa gizi was also provided with employment by the employment authorities. At the same time, a family farm was created for the veteran family a year ago as a part of the self-employment program".

F. Talybov emphasized that the family of Elvin Jafarov was financially supported in 2021 by Yashat Foundation (AZN 6,500) and a lump sum (AZN 4,400) on disability of 3rd degree for military reasons. "Along with the aforementioned measures of support, the allowance assigned to him in line with documents received by the Ministry of Defense on June 28, 2022, was replaced by another payment in the form of pensions and financial assistance - a monthly social payment of 356 manats in the short term, July 7, 2022. Thus, disabled war veteran Elvin Jafarov is paid 958 manats monthly in the form of pensions, stipends, financial assistance and wages.

It was not possible to learn the attitude of Jafarov's family to the statement of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.-0-

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