The community of Western Azerbaijan. July 4, 2023

The community of Western Azerbaijan. July 4, 2023

In a strongly-worded statement, the Community of Western Azerbaijan has expressed its dismay over a recent report aired on the Franco-German Arte channel, denouncing it as a portrayal of the "chimeras" harbored by Karabakh Armenians. The report suggested that Armenia, having fortified itself, harbors aspirations to "reclaim Karabakh" and propagate anti-Turkish sentiments, igniting concerns about ethnic hatred and unwillingness to coexist under the Azerbaijani flag.

The community emphasized that the Armenians' exodus from Karabakh was allegedly fueled by their ethnic animosity towards Azerbaijan, as highlighted in the Arte channel's coverage. The statement accuses the Armenian society of fostering Azerbaijanophobic sentiments, citing recent statements and actions by the Armenian opposition in Irevan advocating for "Armenia without Turks."

Drawing attention to the disturbing trend, the statement questions the silence of certain states and organizations, often projecting themselves as the "international community," regarding the apparent rise of racism and Azerbaijanophobia in Armenia.Notably, the Community of Western Azerbaijan emphatically calls on France, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Freedom House and Amnesty International  to condemn these disturbing trends.

The statement concludes by urging the Armenian authorities to address and combat the pervasive Azerbaijanophobia within Armenian society if they genuinely seek lasting peace with Azerbaijan. The Community of Western Azerbaijan underscores the importance of international organizations taking a stand against such discriminatory actions to promote regional stability and harmony.

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