When Lawyer Spoke about National Oncology Center, Judge Adjourned Hearing

Baku / 05.09.19 / Turan: On September 4, the Baku Court of Appeal, chaired by Judge Rizvan Safarov, began a new consideration of the complaint against the decision of the Binagadi court against lawyer Aslan Ismayilov on charges of hooliganism.

Earlier, the Baku Court of Appeal upheld the verdict of the court of first instance. However, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of the Court of Appeal, returning the complaint to this court.

Recall that on November 23, 2018, the Binagadi court of the capital issued a decision to withhold 20% of the annual earnings of Aslan Ismayilov, as well as one year of restoration work and a fine of 1,500 manat. The court found the lawyer guilty of hooliganism.

According to the verdict, Aslan Ismayilov filed a lawsuit against the chairman of the Muasir Musavat party, Hafiz Hajiyev, who insulted him, in a private prosecution.

Judge of the Binagadi court Rashad Aliyev refused to accept the claim for execution. The court officials claimed that Aslan Ismayilov, as soon as he heard this news on October 2, 2017 from the judge"s secretary, immediately made a noise, slammed the door, began to crumble the plaster on the wall, and used insulting expressions against the judge and the chairman of the court. Ismayilov refuted these allegations.

The Binagadi court"s verdict on correctional labor for a year and a fine took into account the claims of Hafiz Hajiyev and businessman Murvat Hasanli, filed in July and August 2018. That is, combining the punishments announced earlier, a year of correctional labor and a fine of 1,500 manat were left for Aslan Ismayilov.

Today, during a hearing in the Court of Appeal, it became known that the microphones in both rooms were not working.

During the trial, Ismayilov filed a motion for video filming, but the state prosecutor asked the court not to satisfy the lawsuit, which the judge did.

The state prosecutor stated that the prosecution during the investigation was proven. Aslan Ismayilov committed biased hooliganism in the building of the Binagadi court.

Aslan Ismayilov during a speech in his defense said that in 1989 he came from Russia to Azerbaijan, and he was always a fighter against injustice. He worked in various positions in the Republican Prosecutor"s Office, the Presidential Administration, and the Justice Ministry.

"Due to the fact that I opposed injustice, criminal cases were instituted against me in 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2005. My advocacy work has ended. Despite all this, I continue to fight against injustice. In recent years, the courts announced three sentences of my conviction. In 2015-2017 I published articles on the illegal sale of drugs and illegal casinos, and then I wrote articles on lawlessness at the National Cancer Center, and then I was prosecuted. "I was brought to the Main Department for Combat with Organized Crime and beaten there, and made the last warning. Seeing that I was not stopping, they removed me from the Bar."

As soon as Ismayilov started talking about the National Cancer Center, the judiciary unexpectedly and without any explanation postponed the hearing to September 19 and left the courtroom.

On November 23, 2018, in his last statement to the Binagadi court, Aslan Ismayilov said that the prosecution was falsified and he was punished for social activities:

"I became a target of anger because of my speeches and articles about the open sale of drug-containing medicines in pharmacies, the activities of casinos in Baku, and the damage caused by the egg trade mafia to the country's economy. And the main reason was the publication by me of the corruption and disgrace that existed at the National Oncology Center. The main culprits of what is happening against me are Zakir Garalov (Attorney General - ed.), Fikret Mammadov (Minister of Justice - ed.) and Ali Hasanov (Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan - ed.) They realized that Aslan Ismayilov cannot be stopped by threatening, and therefore resorted to these methods." -03C-

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