Азиз Оруджев

Азиз Оруджев

Baku/17.10.17/Turan: The trial in the case of the director of Internet TV "Kanal-13" Aziz Orujov continued in the Serious Crimes Court under the chairmanship of Mirza Khankishiyev.

He was arrested on May 2 in administrative order for 30 days for disobeying the police. At the end of this period, he was charged with criminal charges under Articles 192.2.2 (illegal business with the extraction of large income) and 308.2 (abuse of official powers, which entailed grave consequences) of the Criminal Code. At today's meeting, the testimony of witnesses continued.

Mirvari Gahramanli, the head of the Oil Rights Protection Committee, noted that she knows the accused as an honest journalist. In 2015-2016 years. Gahramanli cooperated with "Kanal-13" on the basis of the contract. Enlightenment programs on legal assistance were being prepared on this channel.

According to Gahramanli, she, as the head of the NGO, officially paid three times for the preparation of such programs: twice for 500 manats and once for 450 manats, having received receipts for this which were submitted to the investigation.

Orujeva himself said that the taxes from the sums received from Gahramanli were paid.

The witness Alysh Abdulla said that he had cooperated with the TV channel as a volunteer for the purpose of obtaining journalistic practice. The next meeting is scheduled for October 24.

The lawyer of journalist Elchin Sadigov told Turan that none of the witnesses gave evidence against Orujev. According to him, the charges against Aziz Orujev are groundless.

In fact, Orujev is persecuted for political reasons, due to the fact that

"Kanal-13" provided airwaves to "carriers of alternative opinions," said the lawyer. -06D--

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