Yasamal Police Brutally Beat Theologian Thale Bagirzadeh (UPDATED)

The well-known theologian, a recent political prisoner and leader of the public organization Muslim Unity Thale Bagirzade was severely beaten in Baku Yasamal police on November 3.

On his Facebook page on the evening of 3 November, he wrote that he was called to the police from his office.

The head of the district police Isfendiyar Mehbaliyev rudely asked him to explain why he gathered people and organized a rally. The theologian replied that he did not organize any rally and was just asked by several faithful people to visit the grave of a Shaheed, a national hero Mubariz Akhmedov, and he was going to do it.

Wrangling with the chief continued long. Bagirzadeh asked to let him go at the time of prayer. However Mehbaliyev forbade him to leave and then Bagirzadeh began to pray in the police precinct. This infuriated the policeman, who began to beat theologian, severely injuring his face and jaw.

Attempts by Turan to call Bagirzadeh failed and his telephone number did not answer.

The press service of the Interior Ministry does not comment on the statement by Bagirzadeh.

At noon on Wednesday, Bagirzadeh told Turan he would sue the police chief of the Yasamal district Isfendiyar Mehbaliyev.

The interests of the theologian will be protected by the lawyer Javad Javadov.

Speaking about the iniquities of the chief of police, Bagirzadeh said: "His father was the cause of death of the veteran of the Karabakh war, and was not punished. This is the same level of his son," said the theologian, referring to the actions of the Chairman of the Trade Union Confederation Sattar Mehbaliyev whose callousness caused the self-immolation of the war veteran.-03B-

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