Arif, my dear!

"Arif, my dear! 

Well, after 36 years of our lives with you, we were in different cells in different zones ... 

My dear, do not you know, I bear it: and the terrible physical pain (from the cold water I went to the inflammatory process) and pressure ugolovnitsy with great experience in the camera (by the way, she comes from Ganja, Ganja again our failed us) and even visits these jackals of the prosecutor's office. I stand no gear (I know, and you are completely without gears, without a change of clothes, medicines). I, too, without food and without medication. Can you imagine what these jackals are Usubovs, lemberanskis they little that we in the sweltering chamber, they have more hunger and starved and without medication.

But the hardest part is that you're not around. We're almost never parted all 36 years! 

I can not not be able to even talk to you in the mail and I decided to write you this open letter. As something they get to you. 

You know, we read with you all - and Solzhenitsyn, and Varlaam Shalamova and Grossman and Aksenov. We're often discussed, they feel the couple, who were taken together. And in 1937 there were a great many. 

We're just not assume that in the XXI century, we come to the repression of the 30s. Yesterday I was reminded of the words of Grossman in his "Life and Fate". He writes about the feelings of the prisoners: "terrible sadness is replaced by meaningless opium - optimism ..." 

How exactly said about optimism in the prisons of authoritarian structures. And still there: the Jews in 1942 in the camps passed each other accurate information, "Hitler gave a tough ultimatum - immediately release all the Jews!" 

And people believed ... Believed because clinging to meaningless opium - optimism. 

We are with you - realists. "Politics - a dirty business." We're all aware. It would not have developed life - the most terrible that I can not see you. And it is with you our 37th year. 



*Letter poisoned human rights activist Leyla Yunus to spouse Arif from the detention center in Kurdakhani

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