Minister Hasanov got lost

The death of an Azerbaijani soldier Ramin Abdulrahmanov on September 22 in Karabakh, moreover, on a neutral strip between the Azerbaijani and Armenian positions, is perplexed and hard received by the society. Perplexity was caused by the ambiguous statement of the Minister of Defense Hasanov about the lost military man. Getting lost - violated discipline or died while executing an order?

So, he died and became a martyr or not? Any death of an Azerbaijani soldier and officer in non-combat conditions occurs due to the fault of commanders - direct or indirect.

Former employee of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan Ilham Ismail in his article ( put it this way: "Our warrior is dead, the ministry officially declares that he was lost. Are the soldiers so masterful that they lose the road? This means that his commander does not fulfill his duties, does not know his authority, serves incorrectly and treats subordinates badly or in reality a completely different thing happened. It is terrible that we ask the body of the warrior from the Red Cross. I recall the incomprehensible death of five scouts on February 25, 2017. Then the ministry also requested humanitarian organizations. In the army there are no special groups that could carry the body? Is the army powerless? "

The Defense Ministry is silent, although it would be necessary to explain why, on the night of September 20, that is, 2 days before the murder of Abdulrahmanov, died the soldier of the active long-term military service Mammadov Elyarbey Beigaly oglu. "The official statement said: "in unclear circumstances." Five days have passed, and the circumstances are still not clarified. Why? Who is to blame and who was punished?

The Armenian side claims that Ramin Abdulrahmanov was killed while being in the Azerbaijani sabotage group. They suggest that the group intended to fulfill the task of capturing an Armenian prisoner in order to exchange him for two "Karabakh partisans" convicted in the Nagorno Karabakh. They recalled that earlier, on September 12, 2019, one of the versions of the loss of the Armenian soldier Araik Ghazaryan was the operation of Azerbaijani saboteurs. The Armenian blogger does not understand the actions of Azerbaijani soldiers on September 22, which cannot but be aware that the enemy"s movements are observed through video cameras installed in Armenian positions.

Armenian Defense Minister Tonoyan said in surprise that something strange had happened: "I can"t say what is due to this. And the time for the operation is strange, and the size of the staff, and the involvement of representatives of Special Forces. Maybe they got lost. I would not give estimates until there is analysis. One must also understand the estimates of the Defense Army (as the occupational corps of the country's army in occupied Karabaz is called in Armenia - Ed.). I repeat, something strange happened," Tonoyan said.

He added that on September 23 at 19.00 the body of the deceased Azerbaijani soldier was transferred to the Azerbaijani side through the Red Cross and special representative Kasprzyk. "We have fulfilled our humanitarian duty, and we have nothing to answer for," Tonoyan added.

Moreover, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia is ready to demonstrate video recording of events at the front, on the night of September 22.

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry continues to claim that Abdulrahmanov got lost ...

Issuing a spectacular warning to the Armenians one after another, declaring the readiness of the Azerbaijani army to return all territories, and informing of its order with fire to respond to any aggressive actions of the enemy, Minister Zakir Hasanov was silent when the Armenian side fired at our excavator in Tovuz region on September 21. Then, on September 20 and 22, two of our servicemen were killed. The Azerbaijani army does not respond with fire, just asks for help to the International Red Cross, and this causes public outrage. One of the young journalists, offended by Hasanov"s words about a lost soldier, said in the hearts of the author of this article: "It"s Hasanov who got lost ..."

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