Book of Azerbaijani scholar about Mikoyan published in English

The famous scholar studying Armenia, Professor Gafar Chahmagli from Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, wrote a book about Anastas Mikoyan, who for 50 years was one of the rulers of the USSR. The book is called "Anastas Mikoyan: Confessions of a Bolshevik Armenian" and was published in English.

Professor Chahmagli’s book was published by a research organization called the Eurasian Research Center (AVIM) in Ankara. The book was published by AVIM in Turkish in 2019.

 The book based on the Russian and Armenian sources tells about the worldview of Anastas Mikoyan, which contradicts Armenian nationalists and does not correspond to the Dashnaks.

Commenting on the publication of his book “Anastas Mikoyan: Confessions of an Armenian Bolshevik”, Professor Gafar Chahmagli told Turan: “The book uses documents from the Russian and Armenian press, as well as from Mikoyan’s archive. As one of the leaders of the system he represents, Anastas Mikoyan showed a slightly different position on some important issues than the Armenian-Dashnak nationalists. For example, Mikoyan rightly considered the dream of creating “Great Armenia” by acquiring six provinces from Turkey an empty and meaningless undertaking. Mikoyan also defended the position of including Zangezur in Azerbaijan, and Nagorno-Karabakh was to remain part of Azerbaijan. I attach great importance to the exchange of Russian and Armenian materials with the Turkish scientific community and readers, because it is impossible to achieve objective results without reference to these sources. Based on the sources, I also wrote a book about Garegin Nzhdeh, who worked most closely with the Nazis. I will continue my research, because I believe that with the help of these works the misconception that has developed in Turkey will change. ”

Gafar Chahmagli, a world-famous scholar studying Armenia, has been working at Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, since 2011. Gafar Chahmagli, who received the title of professor by the Academic Council of the University in 2016, wrote the book “Independent Learning of the Armenian Language” (272 p.). Professor Chahmagli, who published 10 monographs in Turkish, spoke at more than 200 conferences organized by various Turkish research institutes, NGOs and municipalities. Chahmagli was elected chair of the initiative group of the Republic of Western Azerbaijan (Irevan) on May 10.

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