Turkish Artist Suzan Murat

Turkish Artist Suzan Murat

In a vibrant conversation with Turan Agency, Turkish artist Suzan Murat, known for her distinctive approach to textile art, shares her passion and vision for her craft. Unlike many contemporaries who favor traditional painting, Murat has turned to needle and thread to express her artistic ideas, transforming fabric into canvases vibrant with life and color.

Murat's journey into the world of professional art began in high school, under the guidance of an encouraging art teacher. Although initially trained in oil and gouache, she found her true calling in the textile arts during her university years in the construction department of the Engineering Faculty. "The needle became my brush, the threads my paints," Murat explains, describing her shift to embroidery after feeling constrained by repetitive patterns and traditional methods.

Rejecting the old adage that needlework is a lesser form of creation, Murat champions the medium as a legitimate and powerful form of artistic expression. Her work aims to delve into the emotional resonance of viewers, drawing them into a narrative woven from her vibrant threads. One of her notable pieces, "Ballerina," reflects her vision of human freedom through the use of expressive blue hues.

Murat draws inspiration from various artists, including Ashref Armaga, a painter blind from birth who interprets the world through touch, and Osman Hamdi Bey, whose multifaceted approach to art has influenced her deeply. She sees her art as a dynamic field where emotion and material coalesce to form vivid expressions of human experience.

Currently participating in the Izmir Art Fair, Murat's work has garnered attention both domestically and internationally. She prefers showcasing her work through exhibitions and auctions, relishing the direct engagement with art lovers and collectors. Her first exhibition, held at the Ugur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation in Ankara, was a significant milestone, and she continues to embrace these opportunities to connect with a broader audience.

Despite the exhaustive nature of her work, Murat confesses she never tires of her craft. Each project brings new excitement, fueled by the endless possibilities of her imagination and the tactile experience of her materials. "Every time I enter my workshop, I am filled with excitement, eager to see what new forms will emerge from my hands," she says.

Suzan Murat’s story is not just about art; it’s about breaking boundaries and redefining the canvas of creativity. Her work, a blend of tradition and innovation, invites us to reconsider the possibilities of textile art and its place in the broader narrative of artistic expression.

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