Khynalyg May Be Included in World Heritage List

Baku / 04.07.20 / Turan: The Khynalyg ethnographic reserve is included in the Provisional List of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the State Tourism Agency of Azerbaijan said.

 In an application submitted to UNESCO by the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan, the Khynalyg ethnographic reserve was evaluated on the basis of criteria by the World Heritage Committee.

According to the rules, in order to consider the inclusion of any historical and cultural monument in the World Heritage List, it must be included in the Provisional List for at least one year.

 It should be noted that the village of Khynalyg is one of the highest mountain settlements in the Caucasus (2300 meters above sea level).

With a population of 2 thousand people, the village is the birthplace of a unique language. The Khynalyg language belongs to the Nakh-Dagestan group of languages.

Located on the slopes of the Gyzyl Gaya mountain range (3,770 meters above sea level) in the Guba region in the north of Azerbaijan, this village is known for its traditions and hospitality.    -02D-


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