Hüseynov qardaşları

Hüseynov qardaşları

Baku/04.07.20/Turan: On July 3 the information portal 1news.az published a xenophobic article by an anonymous author, entitled: Letter To The Editors: It Turned Out That The Mother Of The Huseynov Brothers Was The Armenian Yevgeniya Ovanesova.

It states that the mother of the well-known Azerbaijani bloggers and human rights activists Emin and Mehman Huseynovs is Armenian by nationality.

The material claims that the mother of the Huseynovs was adopted by the Crimean Tatars. And when in 1967 the girl was 20 years old, she replaced her full name Yevgenia Grigoryevna Ovanesova by Firangiz Ibrahim Gizi Bagirzadeh.

For the sake of persuasion, the anonymous author attached photocopies of the documents on the full name change.

However, a careful reading of the documents reveals that these are fakes. Forms of the documents are registered in the Russian and Azerbaijani languages. The question is: How could the registry office of the city of Kustanay (Kostana) use forms in the Azerbaijani language, which is not the state language of Kazakhstan?

With such obviousness, the 1news.az website had better apologize for the error to the Huseynov brothers.   --0--


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