A new turn in the investigation of the "Terter case"?

Baku/10.02.22/Turan: On 9 February, the Prosecutor General's Office announced  the detention of four people accused of torturing military personnel arrested in the Terter case.  Since then, 163 new victims of torture and other illegal actions have been identified, in total 281 people have suffered.

In addition, earlier the Deputy Prosecutor General filed an appeal to cancel court decisions and conduct additional investigations against 16 persons who were prosecuted on charges of treason, but after this charge was not confirmed, they were convicted of crimes against military service.

Along with this, the Prosecutor General canceled the decision of December 19, 2017 on the termination of criminal proceedings against Guliyev Elchin Matlab oglu accused of treason. The case was dismissed due to his death, and not on exculpatory grounds. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct an objective investigation into the circumstances related to Guliyev.

Politician Sahib Karimli and human rights activist Rasul Jafarov talk about a new turn in the investigation in the Difficult Question program.

According to Sahib Karimli, the creation of a new investigation team in the Prosecutor General's Office to conduct a re-investigation of the "Terter case" is evidence of the political will to identify and punish the organizers of this crime, contrary to the statement of the Military Prosecutor that there is no need for a new investigation.

“Yesterday, the Prosecutor General's Office announced the arrest of four persons guilty of torture against servicemen arrested in the Terter case. But we hope that these four are only the first stage of the investigation and that in the future, in accordance with the scale of this case, the arrest will also affect high-ranking organizers of this crime - high-ranking officials of the Military Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Defense,” the politician said.

According to Rasul Jafarov, the investigative actions taken by the new investigative group indicate that so far, the investigation is going in the right direction.

“However, it is too early to give a final assessment of the work of the investigation - it is still at the very beginning of its journey,” the human rights activist believes.—0—

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