Samvel Shahramanyan

Samvel Shahramanyan

Bakı/26.12.23/Turan: The political events around Nagorno-Karabakh took a new turn after the adviser to the self-proclaimed "president" Vladimir Grigoryan announced the cancellation of the decree on the termination of the existence of the "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". The basis for this statement is the decree of October 19, which allows officials to keep their positions voluntarily.

Grigoryan's statement raises questions about the future trajectory of the region's development, especially in light of the decree on dissolution of September 28, which initially signaled the end of the existence of the "NKR". Political commentator Elhan Shahinoglu points out to the "Difficult Question" program that the separatist elite based in Yerevan poses a growing problem for the Armenian government. He emphasizes that the presence of separatists in Yerevan, combined with provocative statements against Azerbaijan, may hinder the potential signing of a peace agreement with Azerbaijan. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who is seeking to sign such an agreement, may face internal pressure due to separatist activities.

Fears are growing about possible clashes in January between the government and separatists supported by the Karabakh clan and the radical opposition entrenched in Armenia. Shahinoglu suggests that the Armenian society continues to support Pashinyan, and he should use this to suppress opponents of the peace agreement.

It is noteworthy that the issue of the possibility of the formation of a government in exile by the separatists of Nagorno-Karabakh is being raised, which challenges the Pashinyan administration. Shahinoglu stresses the potential for Azerbaijan to make territorial claims against Armenia. And if such activity continues, it will complicate the situation.

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