Həbslər nədən xəbər verir? – Bəşir Süleymanlı saat 16:00-da Çətin sualda

Baku/05.12.23/Turan: In a series of alarming incidents, six journalists have been arrested in quick succession, with one facing administrative detention. Simultaneously, the detention of public activist Ilhamiz Guliyev, marred by allegations of violence during apprehension, has sparked renewed concerns about the state of free speech and dissent in Azerbaijan.

Relatives of Ilhamiz Guliyev conveyed to Turan that the activist was forcibly taken near his residence on December 4, recounting a disturbing scene of violence during his arrest. They claimed that Guliyev had been under surveillance for days and was prevented from leaving the country. This recent detention follows an earlier 30-day arrest in October on charges of resisting police and disorderly conduct, a move perceived by some as retribution for an interview he gave to AbzasMedia regarding his experience as a former police officer.

Lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova informed Turan that Guliyev is now held as a suspect under Article 234.1 of the Criminal Code at the Yasamal district Police Department, vehemently asserting his innocence.

Bashir Suleymanli, a prominent human rights defender and head of the Institute of Civil Rights, expressed his views on the unfolding situation during the "Difficult Question" program. Suleymanli posits that Guliyev's persecution is linked to his candid interview with AbzasMedia, emphasizing that the arrests of Guliyev, AbzasMedia employees, and other independent journalists underscore the government's intent to quell criticism and stifle freedom of speech.

Suleymanli further articulated concerns that the authorities, instead of addressing societal issues, opt to suppress dialogue, exacerbating problems and tarnishing the nation's international image. He warned that Azerbaijan,  risks accumulating a negative reputation, inviting external pressures.

The human rights advocate concluded with a stark warning, stating that without immediate and substantial actions to address the prevailing situation, the tightening of controls on dissent may persist for years, carrying potential repercussions for the nation's democratic principles and international standing. The events unfolding in Azerbaijan spotlight the delicate balance between state authority and the fundamental rights of individuals, prompting a reexamination of the state's commitment to democratic values.

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