The National Council Of Statehood Of South Azerbaijan has been established. What is its purpose?

BakU/26.04.23/Turan: A group of public and political figures from South Azerbaijan have announced the creation of a new organization aimed at restoring the National Government of Azerbaijan, which was declared by Azerbaijanis living in Iran in 1945-1946. The constituent assembly of the newly-formed National Council of Statehood of South Azerbaijan is set to take place online on April 30, as per a statement by the initiative group.

The group is coordinated by Genghis Goitürk and includes Saleh Ildyrim, Chairman of the Independence Party of South Azerbaijan; Ahmet Obali, founder of the satellite TV channel "Gunaz"; Ajdar Tagizade, Chairman of the Democratic Turkic Party of South Azerbaijan; and Sadik Isabeyli, a member of the Board of the National Liberation Front of South Azerbaijan, among others. The organization's headquarters will be located in Finland, with the goal of creating an independent South Azerbaijani state.

Speaking on the program "Difficult Question," Azhdar Tagizade, a member of the initiative group, highlighted that the Iranian leadership has never respected the rights of Azerbaijani Turks to enjoy their cultural heritage, use their language in private and public, participate in decisions at the national level, and create their own associations. Tagizade asserted that the Iranian regime has consistently pursued a policy of assimilation of the Turks and repressed those who advocated for their rights.

Taghizade pointed out that the destruction of the Azerbaijani National Government led by Seyid Jafar Pishevari, and the execution of over 30,000 activists of the 21 Azer Movement, marked the culmination of Iran's assimilation policy. He also mentioned the movement for the autonomy of Azerbaijani Turks in Iran, led by Ayatullah Muhammad Qazim Shariatmadari. The national liberation movement that began in Northern Azerbaijan in 1988 has now spread to Southern Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijani Turks of Iran are increasingly politicized and seeking to unite in an organization that can fight for their national rights and interests.--0--

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