Violence in society is an indicator of what?

Social media dissemination of a distressing video depicting violence perpetrated by peers against a teenager in Baku has ignited widespread concern over adolescent aggression. The footage, capturing the victim subjected to derogatory markings on her forehead, egg pelting, haircutting, and other forms of bullying, spotlighted the issue. Identified as students from Shuvelan's School No. 156, the perpetrators triggered an immediate response from authorities and society alike.

Elshad Hajiyev, spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, confirmed the initiation of a criminal case citing elements of hooliganism. Concurrently, the State Committee on Family, Women, and Children's Issues assured the public of oversight concerning the ethical portrayal of schoolchildren.

In the televised discussion program "A Difficult Question," writer and commentator Mehriban Vezir offered insights into the societal implications of such incidents. Vezir underscored that while disturbing, the swift reaction from governmental bodies, societal entities, and media outlets reflects an intolerance towards such behaviors. She emphasized the public's demand for accountability and assurance of just punishment for the offenders as a positive outcome.

According to Vezir, the underlying catalyst for such episodes lies in the school environment, characterized by a lack of personal space and empathy for students' needs. She lamented the prevalence of aggression within school settings, citing instances where groups of students engage in mob-like behavior, reflecting a harsh preparation for the realities of life.

Vezir argued that contemporary school environments are particularly ruthless, fostering a sense of detachment and disinterest in adolescents. She attributed a significant role in shaping children's personalities to familial influences, highlighting the detrimental impact of some households in fostering violent tendencies and negative traits.

In essence, Vezir's commentary illuminates the complex interplay between societal, institutional, and familial factors in shaping adolescent behavior and underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to address and mitigate instances of youth violence.

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