A record number of workers in the private sector

In Azerbaijan in June there was registered a record number of employees in the private sector - 619,300 people. Compared with the period on the first July 2013 the number of workers employed in the private sector increased by 3.4% (20 800), reported the State Statistics Committee.

As of July 1, in the economy of Azerbaijan were occupied 1,510,900 employed persons, an increase of 100 people against a month before. In this case, the situation has not changed since January this year, when the State Statistics Committee registered approximately the same number of employees - 1,510,100 people.

In the reported period, the number of public sector employees was 891,600 people, 13,600 fewer than on June 1.

The government claims to have the country's lowest unemployment rate - 236 000 people, or about 5% of the labor force. Independent experts believe that the level of employment is made artificially high due to the members of families with land holdings in rural areas (more than 850 000 families). According to their calculations, in the country there are at least 0.5 million unemployed. Officially recognized as unemployed are 36,800 people (1 July 2014), 2 459 of whom receive benefits. --08D--

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