Abuse at customs not reduced

Doctor of Economics Gubad Ibadoglu again raised the issue of corruption in Azerbaijani customs, which affects not only income of the state budget, but also hits the pocket of ordinary citizens.

According to the expert, citing a report of the State Committee of Statistics, "Foreign trade of Azerbaijan - 2013", the customs value of the imported one kilogram of potatoes last year was 4-15 cents (3-12 gepiks). "At the same time we as consumers pay at least 1 manat for 1 kilo of potatoes,"  said Ibadoglu with surprise.

According to the report of the State Statistics Committee, in 2013 Azerbaijan received 32,625,900 tons of potatoes from Iran, which was declared at customs for $ 4,585,000 or $ 0.14 per 1 kg. 15,800 tonnes of Russian potatoes passed through customs at $ 0.04 per 1 kg.

We note that the abuse at the customs is not limited to potatoes. For example, last year were imported 18,000 tons of rice, a kilo of which was issued by the State Customs Committee at 36.8 cents. In the retail 1 kg of rice costs between 1 and 3 manat. Most rice comes from India - 8 173.9 tonnes. Customs duties and taxes are charged at the rate of 35.1 cents per 1 kg. Pakistani rice (743 tons - 2013) was issued by the customs at 0.62 $ / kg. In retail Pakistani rice is sold 4 times more expensively. --08D--

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