Accounts Chamber to audit targeted use of public funds in Sumgait and Hajigabul

At the meeting of the Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan on May 15, it decided to check out the intended use of state capital investments allocated Hajigabul region Executive Power

As stated in the official report of the chief fiscal body of the country, the Chamber will also conduct audits targeted use of public funds allocated to the Office of Education and the Office of Culture and Tourism of the city of Sumgait.

Recall that ACA last year arranged 75 targeted audits in the country, in all cases to find the composition of financial crimes. The outcome of the raids was sent to the Prosecutor General and to the Parliament.-

Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan, as a rule, is limited to generalities about the board meeting, without giving specific figures and data. According to Article 6.0.3 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On receiving information" ("Basic Principles of obtaining information"), the disclosure of budget revenues and expenditures is the responsibility of government agencies, including the Chamber of Accounts.-17D-

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