AGBank - leader in mortgage lending

The most active partner in the mortgage lending of the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund (AMF) is AG Bank - from 2006 to October 1, 2014 it provided 1,270 operations, according to information on the Fund's website.

According to AMF, during this time mortgage loans were provided by 31 banks. The five leading financial institutions in this position, in addition to the mentioned one, include: Khalg Bank – 1,222 loans, Bank Standard – 1,181 loans, Demir Bank – 1,048 and Zamin Bank – 1,000.

The least active was Azer-Turk Bank – 28, Azprom Bank - 17, Rabita Bank - 15, Azerbaijan Credit Bank - 14 and YapiKredi Bank - 9 credits. --17D-

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