Assets JSC Azerbaycan Senaye Banki approached 400 million manats

Assets of JSC Azerbaycan Senaye Banki (ASB) during the first quarter increased by 13.1 %, amounting to 1 April 383 534 430 manat.

As stated in the financial structure of the bank's loan portfolio is 44 840 126 manat ( 3.7 %). Deposit portfolio is 280 708 420 manats ( 18.3 %).

The bank's equity by the end of the first quarter amounted to AZN 63,159,120 ( 2.9 %) , which more than meets the requirements of the Central Bank. Net income for the three months ASB 2014 is 402,550 manat.

JSC Azerbaycan Senaye Banki founded as a joint venture investment bank CIBank with Turkish capital in 1996.

Controlling stake is at LLC Anadolu Investment Company – 94.2517%. Other shareholders: JSC Azerbaycan Senaye Sigorta with 5.1735 % and LLC Azerbaycan Senaye Leasing - 0,5748%.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Zeinab Konyar. Chairman of the Board is Huseyin Ozmen. - 17D-

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