Azerbaijan President and First Lady Inaugurate Crescent Bay Project and Crescent Mall in Baku

Azerbaijan President and First Lady Inaugurate Crescent Bay Project and Crescent Mall in Baku

President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva of Azerbaijan attended the presentation of the Crescent Bay project and the opening of the Crescent Mall in Baku on Monday, according to a statement on the official website of the head of state.

The Crescent Development Project, also known as The Crescent Bay, is a prominent skyscraper complex located on the Caspian Sea coast in Baku. The ambitious project includes a variety of facilities designed to bolster the city's modern landscape and economic vitality. Key components of the project are the Crescent Hotel, Crescent City, Crescent Place, and the newly unveiled Crescent Mall.

The Crescent Hotel, a striking 32-floor structure shaped like a crescent, will feature 230 rooms, 74 apartments, and 16 villas. It is set to become a landmark in Baku’s hospitality sector, offering luxury accommodations and panoramic views of the Caspian Sea.

Crescent City, another centerpiece of the development, is a 210-meter skyscraper with 43 levels. Its design, reminiscent of a torch, aims to symbolize the vibrant and forward-looking spirit of Azerbaijan. This office tower is expected to attract numerous businesses and contribute significantly to the local economy.

The Crescent Place encompasses both residential and commercial spaces, including the newly inaugurated Crescent Mall. The shopping and entertainment center aims to provide residents and visitors with a diverse range of retail, dining, and leisure options.

The Crescent Bay project, initiated in October 2009, represents a significant investment in Baku's urban development. Completed in 2022 and officially opened in 2023, the project was developed by Gillan Construction, a company known for its large-scale developments and commitment to architectural excellence. The project is managed by Pasha Property Management.

As President Aliyev and First Lady Aliyeva toured the newly opened facilities, they expressed optimism about the impact of the Crescent Bay project on Baku’s growth and international appeal. The development is expected to enhance the city's infrastructure, create jobs, and attract tourists, reinforcing Baku's position as a key destination in the region.

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