Details Clarified Regarding Turan Energy LLC's Selection in the National Electric Mobility Plan

The Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan clarified the issue raised in an article by the Turan agency "Azerbaijan's national electric mobility plan: "Turan Energy" LLC arouses curiosity" dated December 20. In response to the agency's inquiries, the Ministry provided clarifications regarding the selection of Turan Energy LLC in the National Electric Mobility Plan.

Turan Energy LLC secured its position as the winner in the proposal survey for the "National Electric Mobility Plan of Azerbaijan," announced on November 3, 2023. The company was deemed a qualified candidate meeting formal requirements and presented the lowest bid at 421,260.00 manat.

The Chief Executive Officer of Turan Energy LLC is Aliyev Ilgar Mayilkhan oglu. Established on October 1, 2018, the company initiated operations through the formation of a consortium with Volts UAE Limited, a UAE-registered company based in Abu Dhabi.

According to the agreement between the two entities, Turan Energy LLC will oversee the preparation of tender documents, project management, economic and long-term analytical work. On the other hand, Volts will handle market, political, technical, and engineering analyses, economic and investment proposals, along with consultations and training.

Volts UAE Limited, established in 2019 with the involvement of Masdar and BP companies, focuses on activities in electric mobility and "green energy" startup initiatives. The company provides products and services across the UAE, CIS countries, Europe, and the Middle East/North America. Notably, Volts UAE Limited has pioneered a network of high-speed electric filling stations in the UAE and Russia.

This collaboration between Turan Energy LLC and Volts UAE Limited underscores a strategic partnership in advancing Azerbaijan's National Electric Mobility Plan. The Ministry of Energy's response seeks to provide clarity on the selection process and shed light on the collaborative efforts to promote sustainable and electric mobility initiatives in the country.—0—

Turan News Agency expresses its appreciation to the Ministry of Energy for the prompt and thorough response, which paved the way for what we hope will become a constructive partnership based on cooperation.

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