Baku concentrated almost 85% of the total loan portfolio of the banking system

The major share (84.3 %) or 13,440,287,400 AZN of Azerbaijani banks' loan portfolio as of April 1 fell on the city of Baku.

According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the majority of loans issued to entrepreneurs - the aggregate amount of long-term loans issued in the capital amounted to 10,457,099,300 manats. The volume of short-term, including consumer, loans amounted to 13% or 2,983,188,100 manats.

Slightly better is the ratio between loans in manats (9 543 789 100 manat) and foreign currency (3 896 498 300 manat) , despite the same interest rate - 13.4%.

In regions collectively issued 2,500,867,200 AZN loans (19.07 %). Most were in the Aran economic region, which is the best processing industry - 835 451 200 manat at an average interest rate of 21.4 % per annum. In the Absheron region there was issued 477 543 900 manat (19% pa), Lankaran - 351 311 400 manats (20.7% pa), Ganja-Gazakh - 317 685 500 manats (21.2 % pa).

According to the expert economist Samir Aliyev, distrust of the banking sector inhabitants of the regions associated with over activity of the productive forces and production capacity and trade capacity building in the capital. Today NPLs in Baku are 724 761 200 manats or 5.39 % of total loans, the ratio in the areas above. "The figures of the Central Bank on interest rates are not quite real - in fact in Baku bid for 16% of entrepreneurs in the regions - 20-22%. In fact, should be the opposite - regional businesses should have benefits for development because there worst financial climate than in Baku," said the expert. -17D-

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