Draft Law on the execution of the state budget for 2013

Finance Ministry published a draft law approved by parliament AR on the state budget for 2013. The document will come into force after its approval by the President.

Budget revenues are 19,496,329,920 manats, expenses - 19,143,492,040 manats. Surplus is 352 837 880 manats. Remains of the single treasury account to January 1, 2014 (960,408,100 manats) will be used to cover the deficit and ensuring public debt.

Most of the money (68.9% or 11.35 billion) came from transfers from the State Oil Fund (SOFAR). Value added tax has 2,709,997,684 manats income (the most important contribution for the VAT on imported goods - 986.08 million). Advance corporation tax - 2,374,797,980 AZN income individuals - 859 678 450 manats. Among the major items - excise taxes - 593.31 million, customs duties - 298.25 million, property tax entities - 125.15 million, the tax on deposits - 121.48 million, the simplified tax - 119.54 million manat. Proceeds from the difference of costs and wholesale prices of regulated contracts of goods produced in Azerbaijan amounted to 370.56 million, "other tax fees" - 269.6 million, stamp duties - 123.56 million, and other income - 65,260,000 manat.

The most significant items of expenditure are expenditure on investment projects (6 913 798 220 manat) and "services beyond the basic directions" (2 684 442 040 manat), where the costs of special military projects amounted to 1.16 billion manat. Other expenses allocated as compensation to depositors of the former USSR Savings Bank are 324 million manat and compensation for victims of natural disasters is 140 million manat.

For social benefits allocated 1.75 billion manat, of which 1.08 billion (61.7%) is transfers from the State Oil Fund to the needs of the State Social Protection Fund. The Ministry of Education received 1 437 720 000 and the Ministry of Health - 618 938 370 manat.

To ensure the external public debt 728.24 million was spent, for the maintenance of the executive power - 349.33 million, for membership in international organizations - 103.46 million, for the maintenance of Science - 117 million and to subsidize the Nakhchivan autonomy - 277 7 million manat.

Directly spent on defense was 1,484,984,490 manat, 91 % of which is designed for the Ministry of Defense and the rest - for MNS and military research .

The judiciary, police and prosecutors received 1.05 billion manat, housing and communal services - 398.32 million, "culture, including physical, art, information, and other activities that do not fall under the other categories " - 274 88 million manat.

To the needs of agriculture and the environment last year 487.89 million was allocated, communications and transport - 110.53 million, in economic development was invested 275.76 million manat, to support entrepreneurs - 201.74 million, and in mortgage lending - 40 million manat . - 17D-

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