Baltika-Baku to Release Series of Khirdalan Beer Dedicated to EURO 2016

The company Baltika-Baku became the official sponsor of the UEFA Euro 2016, which will be held in France.

In honor of the key football event of the year the company will release a limited series of beer under the brand Khirdalan, dedicated to the championship.

General Director of Baltika-Baku Sergei Tolmachev: "We are very pleased to be the first part of this pan-European football festival. Beer - a drink of football fans around the world, and this year our company, specially for EURO 2016, will release a limited edition of the beer Khirdalan to please Azerbaijani football fans and make it a great sporting event even more striking for our customers."

Khirdalan beer is a brand №1 in the country and is available in various types of packaging (bottles, plastic and cans). Brand market share is 30% of the beer market. The alcohol content is 4.8%.

The brewery Baltika-Baku is located in the Khirdalan city, 10 kilometers from the capital of Azerbaijan. The brewing company Baltika, part of the Carlsberg Group, acquired the plant in 2008, and in May 2009 it was opened after reconstruction. The total amount of investment in the development of the plant is 47 million manat.

The production capacity is 10 million deciliters a year. And the company employs about 250 people and about 400 indirectly (distributors, agents and contractors). Annual contributions of Baltika-Baku in the budget are some 20 million AZN. Production of Baltika-Baku occupies about 75% of the market (2015). The company produces popular brands of beer such as Khirdalan, Tuborg, Baltika 7, Baltika 0, Baltika 9, Khirdalan Draft, Cooler, Afsana, 33 Export, and Zhiguli.   --08D

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