Because of the tax debt JSC land area could be sold under the hammer

Tax debts amounting to 98,786 manat of JSC Bakelektromashin can turn to its owners with deprivation of the land area. This week the JSC land area has been described in order to be further sold by auction.

According to the Taxes Ministry, the section of tax debts management of the Tax Department of Baku has conducted an inventory of the land area of JSC Bakelektromashin, which is estimated at 120,000 manat. About the area located in the Gala settlement of Baku nothing has been reported.

The Department of Revenue of Baku in 2013 accrued VAT to the enterprise producing electric machines, which was challenged in the courts. However, the lawsuit from JSC Bakelektromashin was rejected.

This is not the first conflict of the Taxes with JSC Bakelektromashin. In 2011, at a public auction were sold 7 electric motors at a total cost 13,750 manat. If this time the tax debts are not paid, the company may announce its collapse. - 08D-

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