Beekeeping is beneficial for entrepreneurs Gabala region

Priority areas lending business of Gabala region.

According to experts of the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (NFES), it is most advantageous to invest public investment in modern agriculture intensive gardening in honey processing plant industrially. It is interesting from the point of view of return and livestock farms to small cattle farming and beekeeping.

According to official figures, the fund has financed since the beginning of the year 1397 investment projects totaling $ 145.3 million manats.

NFES was established in 1992 and active lending fund began in 2002. Issuance of loans to entrepreneurs 38th authorized banks and non-banking credit organizations.

In 2012 the fund to finance investment projects in 2400 allocated 218 million manat. NFES loans in 2013 are forecast at 250 million manats. - 17D-


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