Bulgaria to begin exploration in Black Sea in February 2016

The geological exploration works on the Bulgarian continental shelf of the Black Sea will begin in February 2016, said Bulgarian Premier Boyko Borisov.

Borisov added that the exploration works in the deep-water bloc Khan Asparukh would have started, if the first government was not forced to resign in 2013, reported Bulgarian Novinte agency.

He also reported that Bulgaria spends about $6.7 billion a year to buy oil products and gas, while the country’s own resources remain undeveloped.

Deputy Energy Minister Zhecho Stankov said that Bulgaria is going to hold the license round for the right to develop Silistar and Teres oil and gas blocs on the Black Sea shelf to reduce dependence in Russia.

US ExxonMobil, French Total and British Melrose applied for development of gas fields on the Khan Asparukh bloc in 2012.—0—

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